Terms & Conditions

Upon going through the below guidelines and declarations, you as a customer agree with all terms and conditions stated below by The Mulch Direct, a Direct Rental Service company.

Charges and Payment:

Customer shall pay Direct Rental Service for cancellation fee, Trip charges or Relocation charges that were not prepaid by Customer, in accordance with the schedule of charges.


Cancellations or changes made 24 hours prior to the scheduled service date are subjected to a cancellation fee. Cancellations made on the scheduled delivery date may result in no refunds.Customer shall pay The Mulch Direct for cancellation fee, Trip charges that were not prepaid by Customer, in accordance with the schedule of charges.

Customer Contract:

If service is not terminated as requested, customer must indicate desired termination date in writing Customer is responsible for the full amount on any invoice not returned with a written request for termination.


All refund, compensation, and/or credit requests must occur within 30 days of service completion. Any refunds issued will be at the sole discretion of The Mulch Direct.

Special Offers:

Customers or visitors who have subscribed to our mailing list will occasionally receive information on products, or services, and discounts. We do not contact subscribers by any other means.

Site and Service Updates: 

Occasionally, we may send our e-mail subscriber’s information on web site updates and/or urgent information.

Terms and Conditions of Mulch Sale Customer location property damage

The Mulch Direct cannot be held responsible for any damage to customer driveways, curbs, lawns or walks, wells and septic systems. It is the customer’s responsibility to make The Mulch Direct aware of any underground utilities, which might be affected by taking delivery of the mulch. As per the company’s protocol, it leaves the purchased mulch on the state highway closest to the customer’s site. Any further transportation costs the customer additionally; and this is also left to the sole discretion of truck driver.

Mulch Delivery and Instructions

Every effort will be made to deliver purchased mulch at customers’ given instructions within the assured time frame. However, due to inclement weather, traffic conditions or mechanical breakdowns, delivery times or dates could vary. We will promptly contact you if there are delays in delivery.


All the material sold on the payment receipt issued to the customers will be duly delivered by The Mulch Direct to its customers. Any dispute over the delivered mulch at customers’ locations must be brought to The Mulch Direct’s notice within a span of 24 hours. Beyond that time, the order will be billed and receipt will be generated.

Warranty principles

The Mulch Direct in NO way guarantees any promise to the customers and its products. No directly quoted warranties are delivered and no implications can be deducted. Even in the case of anomaly of prescribed installation or usage of mulch supplied by The Mulch Direct, no warranty about the performance of material sold will be given.

Lien Rights

The Mulch Direct retains the authority to file a Lien against anybody for the exploitation of either manpower or sold products or rendered services after 8 working days of the delivered products/services. The Mulch Direct can file a lien against a customer even in the case of full payment made by the respective client. For more information about how you save one’s self from falling under liens issued by The Mulch Direct, contact your attorney or The Mulch Direct.

Privacy Policy

The Mulch Direct guarantees the preserving of clients’ personal information in its database. This information is used only for the communication between The Mulch Direct and the clients but will not be disclosed to any third party under any circumstances. We don’t give your information away to database agencies and other marketing firms so that they come in contact with you regarding any sales or marketing propagandas.

However, we make sure that your anonymous information such as the pages you have visited or the purchases you have made as any other customer will be fed into our database so that it helps us to identify the purchase patterns and in turn, will helps us to serve you better coming up with improvised sale deals.

On the other hand, The Mulch Direct will be compelled to share customer personal information in case of any legal divulgence. Courts and other civically authorized bodies of the society can seek information from us – which we are supposed to provide in case of any lawsuits. This provision is at the sole discretion of The Mulch Direct and notifications shouldn’t be expected.

Content Precision

Though we enjoy the reputation of the most accurate mulch provider in the industry, we make it clear that the content we use in our website might not sometimes goes hand in hand with the products. There might be slight structural changes in products we offer from the images we share on the website. This is to be noted on a prior intimation.

Stock Availability

Pricing patterns of our products and their availability cannot be guaranteed at all times as they are floating in nature.

Trademark & Copyright

All logos, taglines or any other authorized material related to The Mulch Direct are under the proprietary of the Direct Rental Service Group management. This material cannot be copied and used for any public or private causes unless a written consent from Direct Rental Service Group management has been taken.