Triple Shred Root Blend

As the name says it all, the triple shred root blend mulch is made from the roots of plants that are very safe to be used as mulch for your plantation. As it is from plants, it is entirely organic in nature and none acquires any harm in having this spread around. The rich texture of this mulch gives a scenic landscape view to your plantation on top of retaining nutrition to your soil by help it stay away from the growth of weed around.

This mulch is grinded for more than three times with us at The Mulch Direct so that it extracts to be a fine product with fine shards of tree barks and roots. Because of its rich color and texture, this mulch holds its natural texture longer than any other mulch types.

The triple shred root blend mulch cost you very reasonably with us when compared to other mulch providers out there. You get the best quality mulches with us for sale for very economical prices.

This is the most sought-after type of mulch among the house owners in the United States as it slowly yet deliberately fades away its texture to turn moderate brown during hot seasons. This contributes in a very good way to the maintenance of landscape among the pros.

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