Premium Bark Mulch

To enhance greater retention capacity for your soil, purchase Premium Bark Mulch from us. Our Premium Bark Mulch is made from the bark of trees which is grinded very finely and that is why it can be naturally imbibed into soil. With an average validity that lasts for a year, the Premium Bark Mulch made from the barks of various trees with natural dominance over weed and this mulch protects your soil and so plants from the erosion.

The biggest of the benefits that our premium bark mulch brings to your soil is the moisture retention. We offer the best quality of premium bark mulch made from the barks of selected trees for absolutely economical mulch prices in the United States.

Application of Premium Bark Mulch

Premium Bark Mulch by The Mulch Direct comes very handy when it’s the sowing season. It nurtures the nutrition retention capacity of your soil and withholds the tenacity. It is advisable to purchase premium bark mulch right at the start of sowing season and apply to the soil for best results.

With temperature variations quite dramatic between days and nights in the United States, the premium black mulch offered by us offers great deal of balance to your soil by purveying warmth to the soil after a cold night.

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