Double-Ground Natural

Composed of totally wood fiber, the double-ground natural mulch offered by The Mulch Direct is one of the mulch types that offer excellent nutrition retention for your soil. This type of mulch we offer greatly benefits your cultivation, event more than grass because the double-ground natural mulch decomposes into the soil at a fast rate. Thereby, it holds the ground water with more strength and that is how, nutrition is retained for you soil.

It is advised by us to spread this mulch up to 3 – 4” on the ground so that it eradicates any possibility for the growth of unwanted weed in your soil and it in that way restores nourishment to your plants.

The double-ground mulch offered by us is one of the most moving mulch types in the United States because it is very effective in preserving the fertility of your soil. As the name of this mulch itself contains naturalness, this type is very environment friendly. Ideally two refills a year are required to preserve the fertility of your soil.

There is a regulation of ground water supply to your plants if you mow the double-ground natural mulch. There is clearly a difference in the way this mulch retains the ground water and releases it to your plants in a timely manner.

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