Brown Dyed Mulch

With rich color of a hot chocolate brimming all over, our Brown Dyed Mulch is made of several hardwood materials so that it will be finely blended along with your soil. With this, weed growth can be aborted and it promotes great nutrition to your crop. There is a fine regulation of nutrition and temperature that Brown Dyed Mulch brings along with it to your crop. It also offers an adorable scenic view to your soil and it keeps away any unwanted growth on it.

Usually brown dyed mulch prices are very expensive because it needs carbon and iron oxides to dye it with. But with us at The Mulch Direct, we offer the Brown Dyed Mulch for affordable prices so that you will have to invest considerably less on mulch for a single harvest season. It is because we assure you won’t need another bout of purchasing mulch for a single season as in most cases, a onetime purchase is more than enough for a season.

Application of Brown Dyed Mulch

Applying the Brown Dyed Mulch offered by us to your soil will nail it 3” into the soil to prevent the growth of weed seeds and yes, it does promote nutrition to the crop you’re harvesting for the season. It usually lasts for a year and there is no need for spraying dye for the mulch before you call it a year!

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