Black Dyed Mulch

Black Dyed Mulch offered by us is the most authentic colored mulch available in the market. Disproving all the myths about the colored mulch, our Black Dyed Mulch is richly black in look and is proven with time and again that it is absolutely safe. With its wonderful characteristics to promote rigorous plant growth on your soil, our Black Dyed Mulch is a boon for your crop.

Putting a check to the myths about the toxicity of Black Dyed Mulch, the mulch we offer is dyed using the natural elements of soil like carbon, iron oxides and hydroxides which are not just safe but brim with efficacy in promoting the fertility of your crop.

Coming to our Black Dyed Mulch, it is entirely colored by using carbon and oxides which are also the integral parts of earth’s soil as well as human body. There is no way our black dyed mulch is harmful to either your soil or people or pets.

On top of that, our mulch lasts for really long time and this saves you from the shock of buying mulch for a second time during a harvest. And even for the first purchase, we assure you the best deals on mulch prices.

Application of Black Dyed Mulch

The Black Dyed Mulch from The Mulch Direct prevents the flow of enough nutrition to weed grains to flourish and ruin your crop. It just regulates the presence of moisture on the surface of soil as well as beneath it.

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